House of Experiments

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​House of Experiments is a Veteran-owned independent global film, TV & web content development and production company by writer/filmmaker Carmen Gloria Pérez.

Carmen has had extensive experience in the entertainment industry, in front of and behind the camera for 20 years in Hollywood - Currently based in Norway and working internationally. a proud U.S. Army Veteran, Pérez also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Government & International Politics with a minor in Legal Studies from George Mason University. In Hollywood, she has also studied with the most respected acting schools and has performed on Nip/Tuck, He’s Just Not That Into You, The Shield, Everybody Hates Chris, among 60+ credits, winning Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for the Layon Gray play “Soldiers Don’t Cry” in 2003. Most recently she wrapped "YOung Royals", a Netflix/Nexiko Swedish TV series premiering 2021.

Throughout the years, Pérez has maximized her time on sets, gaining extensive experience in every aspect of the film, television and web production process - acting, writing, development, production, and post production. She has successfully written, produced, directed and edited numerous short films and music videos, using what she calls these “experiments,” as learning tools.

Pérez is fluent in English, Spanish, speaks advanced Norwegian & beginning Swedish.

"The only way of getting better is by doing & experimenting" ~ Carmen Gloria Pérez


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